Longreach & Districts Rural In Home Care Program

5-7 Wompoo Road, LONGREACH QLD 4730
Name: Johanna Webster
Phone: (07) 4652 5300
Fax: (07) 4652 5399
In Home Care is a service provided in your home by an approved carer that is available to children who meet certain eligibility criteria. For more information on eligibility, please view what are my child care options.
The following service information (including fees and vacancies) has been provided by the child care service and a waiting list may apply. Please contact the child care service to confirm the service’s details. Please note that child care services generally update their vacancies weekly. Vacancies may change between updates. Service’s information relating to the National Quality Framework is sourced from the State and Territory Regulatory Authorities and the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority.

If you have any feedback on the information provided please contact mychild@education.gov.au.

Vacancy information has not been provided by this child care service. For details regarding vacancies please contact the service.

Fees & Services (Variable Fee) – A fee that changes depending on the age of the child.

Hourly fee – The hourly fee is based on care per hour.

Daily fee – The daily fee is based on care per child per day.

Weekly fee – The weekly fee is based on care per child from Monday to Friday.

Sessional Fee – The sessional fee is based on the duration of the session offered.

Duration – Length of session offered.

N/A – Information is not applicable.

Includes – Other items or services that are included in the fee.

Additional information – Details of any additional services offered or other helpful information.

For further information on what each type of child care offers and for assistance in choosing a child care service that meets your needs, see what are my child care options?


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Variable Fee (varies by age)

Fees below do not take into account Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate payments.
Age Hourly Daily Weekly Includes
Up to 24 Months $3.50 min
$12.00 max
n/a min
n/a max
n/a min
n/a max
24 Months to School Age $3.50 min
$12.00 max
n/a min
n/a max
n/a min
n/a max
School Age and Above $3.00 min
$12.00 max
n/a min
n/a max
n/a min
n/a max
Last updated: 5 July 2012

Quality of Service

National Quality Framework (NQF) Rating

The National Quality Framework does not currently apply to services providing education and care primarily on a casual or ad hoc basis such as Occasional Care (OCC) and In Home Care (IHC) services.

Further information on whether your service is covered by the National Quality Framework is available from Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority website.

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In Home Care is provided
in private homes.

Please contact the service provider
for availability and carer information.